Czech Y-DNA: Haplogroup R

Here we can see records with haplogroup R, estimated by the program Hapest, processed by the method Median joining network - program Network 4.201 of Free Phylogenetic Network Software.

The yellow circles are haplotypes of our database corresponding to individual or group records.
The red circles are hypothetical haplotypes not present in our databse, but predicted by program Network.

We obviously observe a separation into two clusters exactly predicted by program Hapest.
Left upper cluster is a set of records with a predicted haplogroup R1b, on the right side is a set with a predicted haplogroup R1a.

Processed 11.6.2007, 46 records, haplogroup R, 12 markers.

Czech Y-DNA: Haplogroup R1a

The same procedure for haplogroup R1a. We can see a compact cluster of data from which one branch goes downwards. It could be marked as a distinct subgroup, but we have to notice, that records in this branch have only ten markers. These records are obtained from FTDNA. They, as contrasted to all other records, have no values for markers DYS437 and DYS438.
Lack of data or its inhmogeneity may significantly influence results.

Processed 14.6.2007, 38 records, haplogroup R1a, 12 markers.