Ergolding Y-DNA markers

In the year 2009 an article called
Kinship and Y-Chromosome Analysis of 7th Century Human Remains: Novel DNA Extraction and Typing Procedure for Ancient Material.
by authors Daniel Vanek, Lenka Sasková and Hubert Koch was issued in the Croatian Medical Journal.
doi: 10.3325/cmj.2009.50.286

Full text of this article in the pdf format is here.

In the article the STR markers values detected from six male skeletal relics burried around the year 670 in Ergolding were published.
Four of them have haplogroup R1b, next two haplogroup G2a.
Two men with R1b were surely brothers, third one is a close relative.

Ergoldig is situated nearby Landshut in Bayern, Germany.

Acquired Y-STR haplotype

Table of obtained haplotypes:

The table si taken from the quoted work above.