Czech Y-DNA: Haplogroup I1

Haplogroup I1, formerly denoted and still used in our database as I1a, is the fourth most frequent haplogroup in the Czech Y-DNA Database. It comprises roughly one tenth of our haplotypes.
There is a current graph of this haplogroup on this page created by using the Median Joining Network method.
The quite obvious distrubution into two distinct groups demanded a comparison with haplotypes from the Ysearch database.
Haplogroup I1 is defined by SNP mutatations M253, M307, M450, P30, p40, S62, S63, S64, S65, S66, S107, S108, S109, S110, S110.
We know five subgroups of it so far:
              I1a (mutation M21),
              I1b (mutation M227),
              I1c (mutation P259),
              I1d (mutation L22/S142)
           a I1e (mutation S79).

We found seven haplotypes of these subgroups in Ysearch denoted as "tested". It means those haplotypes where a test approved the presence of a particular SNP mutation.
Among them only two haplotypes posses all 17 markers, known by our haplotypes. The two haplotypes were used for the MJN graph and are denoted by red color on the picture.
Tag I1dT means an Ysearch record denoted as I1d (tested), tag I1cT means I1c (tested).

By no means we can conclude from this graph that the Czech I1 consists only in two subgroups I1c and I1d.
As a matter of fact, we do not know where would other subgroups be placed in this picture.
The actual graph may serve us only as a guidance and again we have to wait for more data.

Processed 6.10.2009
Ludvík Urban
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